#104 Sergey - Great experience overall! Dispatch was clear, concise and efficient. Driver, Sergey, was professional, helpful and friendly. Absolutely zero complaints. -Guido P.

#114 Matt - The driver Matt was wonderful!! He showed up so quickly and was so professional. The dispatcher kept me calm as I was crying when I called in. I thank both of them for wonderful service. -Caelin M.

#103 Mike - I’ve never had such a quick friendly experience when I’ve locked myself out. Thank you all so much! I’d say I’ll definitely call Kitsap Towing in the future, but I hope I never need to call you again. -Megan P.

#118 Billman - He was extremely professional and got the vehicle on there in no time! Met him back at the drop off destination and I really appreciated him. Would definitely call this company back again! -Spencer F.

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