As a county, we have been known to embelish on just how much shoreline our county stakes claim to. While it may not meet the likes of the Florida Keys or even the San Juan Islands, our beautiful spot in the world boasts over 250 miles of saltwater shoreline.

It was along our shoreline, on Sunday evening, that an 88 year old woman and her 60 year old son traveled down a 40′ embankment in the Lofall area of Poulsbo. Their ’02 Nissan Frontier landed on its roof, cradled in a nest of driftwood and logs. To witness the scene in person, it seems impossible that by mere inches the two were not impaled amongst the  beach debris. See vehicle recovery here.

As reported on from Kitsap Fire Department 18 Poulsbo:

“Given the difficult terrain and limited beach access, Poulsbo Fire Lieutenant Bruce Lowrie immediately called for the Kitsap County Technical Rescue Team (KCTRT). Team members from Navy Region Northwest, North Kitsap Fire and Rescue, Bainbridge Island Fire, Central Kitsap Fire and Rescue, and Bremerton Fire Department responded. Crews cut logs and trees away from the car, and used specialized equipment to stabilize the truck and pry open the doors.

The 88-year-old female driver had possible life-threatening injuries and was extricated from the vehicle and packaged for movement to the top of the bank. The 60-year-old son was suspected of minor injuries and removed from the beach. Both patients were transported to Harrison Hospital in Bremerton within about an hour.”

Read the rest of the account from Kitsap FD 18 on their facebook page. Our positive thoughts are with the victims through their recovery.

The difficult terrain portion of this incident did not cease at the recovery of the vehicle, with the initial site visit proving that rolling equipment was going to be impossible and the distance to great to hold to the ground, we were going to need to bring this vehicle out by way of the shoreline.

A day of resourcing a water craft to transport our tow truck gave us our first introduction to Arrow Launch Service and Warrior. Warrior and its crew met us at Salsbury Park in Poulsbo, WA  on Tuesday. Thank you, Pacific Northwest, for holding off the rain for this hand shake and subsequent cruise.

After boarding Warrior with our ’15 Hino Truck 28, we traveled south on the Hood Canal to reach the resting place of the Nissan truck we were to recover. With Mike on the beach for heavy lifting and straps, and additional hands on the boat, Dave winched the trees and driftwood from the path of recovery. Once the way was clear, Dave and Mike rolled the truck to its intended position…hood facing the sky. With use of a Warrior cleat and snatch block, the pick up pulled to the vessel with ease.

As a company, Kitsap Towing gets an excitement for new scenarios. It’s our role in the towing industry to find a way to recover the vehicle at all costs. Being presented with this one required extensive logistical planning and the challenge was a success.

“Give me 6 hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first 4 sharpening the axe.” – Unknown