Chico sells to Kitsap Towing!

Introducing Kitsap Chico Towing…

The end of a year inherently comes with thoughts to the future. Better diet? Renewed friendships? More time with family? Use fewer grownup words? Maybe it looks like making your bed every day and recommitting to flossing.

At Kitsap Towing, the concept of a new year approaching doesn’t look much different. How can we better serve our county? What can we instill to make this a forever career for our staff? Where are the growth opportunities? … we will likely use just as many grownup words.

Chico Towing sells to Kitsap Towing

Former Chico Towing owners, Justin & Stacey Canterbury (left) pictured with Kitsap Chico Towing, Dave & Jaci Bryant (right)

2020 is bringing a unique opportunity to Kitsap Towing and our community.

Effective 01.01.2020, we are excited to share the news that we have purchased Chico Towing, Bremerton Towing and City Towing! These companies have a history that spans 75 years and 3 generations, with the last 26 of them steered by Stacey Tucker Canterbury. Stacey and her husband Justin, have worked closely with us to make sure this transition to a new era will be a successful one. With aligning goals, aside from seeing a change in logo, our customers will experience the same customer service they have come to expect from their preferred tow company. Our 26 years of experience combined with the household name of 75 years, will launch a service with the largest fleet in county history and three locations to best serve our customers and law enforcement.

This acquisition has come with many positives for both companies. Kitsap Towing wishes the previous owners, Justin and Stacey, good health and happiness in the next ventures of their life. It needn’t be said, but your retirement from Chico Towing’s legacy is in safe and caring hands. The towing industry, and what it brings to daily life, is one that is close to the hearts of not only us, but all of our team. Kitsap Chico Towing will be forging ahead with the business of helping people!

Justin & Stacey Canterbury, former owners of Chico Towing.

Who doesn’t like a party?!

We invite our community to come celebrate jointly with former and new owners of Chico Towing on 01.31.2020 at the Kitsap Golf & Country Club. An open house style event will be hosted from 4PM to 8PM, with a brief program at 6PM, and live music throughout the evening. You can RSVP on our Kitsap Towing Facebook Event or by texting KCT to 555888.

As always, if you need help, select at our Request Service button on our home page or by contacting us directly.

Dave & Jaci Bryant, Kitsap Chico Towing owners pictured with Kitsap Towing truck.

Cheers to a fantastic year!

Photography services provided by Paige Wells of Hushed Revelry in Gig Harbor, WA.