Running a 24-hour business comes with an insurmountable amount of trials and tribulations. I would venture to guess that all owners and managers would agree that it is a constant balance of how to appease your customers and your employees. Kitsap Towing as a company functions all aspects of our day to night with the moto of “we are in the people helping business”. If we stay focused on all questions being answered from that simple statement, it makes it very easy to help our customers and employees in the best way possible.

Technology, and all its continued growth, have become the road map for how we can be the best towing company for all of our stake holders. Without the harmony of customers and employees there isn’t much reason to keep coming in every day…and all night long. Kitsap Towing’s success is happening in large part by the software and applications that are readily available to us to make the process efficient, and more profitable. Making every move count speaks to all areas of life, but with our use of automation, our one move is bringing on exponential moves just by utilizing the tools at our finger tips.

This brings me to introducing our new website designed by Fusion Creative Works. They have created a landing spot that incorporates so many of our company functions, and they have done it in a way that makes the information you need easy to find and visually attractive. Just like food, it tastes better if it’s presented on my plate with a sauce artfully drizzled.

Customers can request service quickly through our Towbook request form. That same request form becomes the dispatch sent to our triage and then routed to our driver. No need to spend time on the phone trying to spell out your very creative address. Take it one cooler step further, you can find the text code to receive a 10% discount on your service, just for sending us your info through your phone.

Maybe you’ve been in an accident, parked where you shouldn’t have, or even made the less than stellar choice of driving while intoxicated. Side note: did you know that you could call for a tow truck from the bar and we’ll take you with your vehicle home? (No, it’s not free, but it is a lot cheaper than the DUI process, and you didn’t hurt anyone.) Our new site contains FAQs on things you need to know when your vehicle is impounded. Vehicle impoundment isn’t the everyday occurrence for most people, but we have provided you a place to educate yourself should you join the club.

Customers and employees alike can visit our testimonials that are on a constant Twitter update. We have some impressively awesome people making this team work, and our customers love to tell us about it. You’ll also find the same basic site information that tells you how to reach us, what we do and how much we love to do it.

Our staff is serving Kitsap County around the clock to keep this dance in step, so it makes it darn hard for them to be in the office during traditional hours to get their questions answered. One of my most favorite features of this new site is the Employee Login. Employees now have access to things like online forms to update their direct deposit, request dispute resolutions, or find out how to access their paystubs. This addition to our digital toolbox is giving a hand up to our most important people and keeping us true to our word on the “helping”.