Frequently Asked Questions

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I just got into an accident, what do I do?

Call your insurance, even if you believe you’re not at fault your insurance needs to know. You’ll want to make sure you have gotten any personal belongings out of the vehicle, and then give us a verbal release for your insurance or repair facility to tow it out.

Where is my vehicle?

Please contact our office at 360-297-8600 to verify location, as we have multiple storage lot locations.

Can someone else pick up my vehicle?

Yes. We will need a copy of your ID, and a handwritten statement releasing the vehicle or items to you. The note can read something like “I Jane Doe am releasing my 2000 Honda civic to John Doe, signature”.

What do I need to pick up my vehicle?

All you will need is photo identification.

How do you calculate your impound pricing?

We have state mandated hourly rates, as well as daily storage and after hours release fees. The total all depends on how much time it took to recover and fully secure and process the impound of the vehicle.

I don’t have the money right now to get out my vehicle, what can I do to get my vehicle back?

Come in to our Silverdale office and speak to us about a payment arrangement, once you have fulfilled the amount in the time and payments agreed upon you will be returned your vehicle.

I don’t want my vehicle back, how to I avoid going to collection?

We ask that you come into our Silverdale office and speak to us, we are happy to work with you.

If you don’t have my vehicle who does?

You can call 911, let them know it’s a non-emergency, give them your plate or vin number and they will be able to let you know which company has it.