Kitsap Chico Towing values local community involvement. We have created this request form in an effort to be fair and fiscally responsible throughout our year. Please allow 30 days for a decision to be reached in regards to our annual donation budget.

Please visit our Donation/Sponsorship Request Form to apply for your organization.

Kitsap Humane Society

Kitsap Humane Society is a nonprofit, charitable organization that depends upon the kindness and generosity of its community to find homes for homeless pets. Kitsap Towing is excited to share their involvement with Kitsap Humane Society in their car donation program. We help our pet loving friends with the transport and sale of donated vehicles. If you’re interested in the program please visit Kitsap Human Society’s website! Please call Kassie Olmsted at (360) 692-6977, ext. 1210 or e-mail



The Kitsap County Sheriff’s Benevolent Foundation was established in 2018 by Sheriff Gary Simpson and Deputy Jeff Rogers as well as representatives from the Kitsap County Sheriff’s Office and engaged community members. The KCSBF was created to organize and strengthen the services of the Kitsap County Sheriff’s Office and to improve public safety in Kitsap County. In addition to serving the members of the Kitsap County Sheriff’s Office, the KCSBF also prides itself on building positive community relations with law enforcement.

Kitsap Towing’s owners, Dave & Jaci Bryant, are proud Board Members of the KCSBF.

Kitsap athletic roundtable

“The Kitsap Athletic Roundtable began in 1967 and remains a driving force in Kitsap by supporting youth and amateur athletics through donations and scholarships. Join us to help make our community a better place. And if you need our help, tell us your story and we’ll gladly consider your request.”


Poulsbo cooperative preschool

“Our goal as a cooperative preschool is to provide a positive, nurturing and safe environment where each child is free to explore and learn to his or her greatest potential. We believe that it is crucial for our children to have opportunities to learn, problem solve, develop self-control, and respect others. Our emphasis on parent involvement fosters a strong sense of community for the families at our co-op. Poulsbo Cooperative Preschool is a charity organization that strives to provide a sense of community and education for both children and their families.”


drive basketball

“DRIVE Basketball aims to help all players reach their greatest potential as people and athletes through the game of basketball. We believe that athletics provide the opportunity for young people to form life-long values that will impact their lives beyond the court.”


north kitsap little league

We are proud to support an organization that teaches our children skills year after year that they can take with them thought their life. Part of being a team starts at a young age and the self confidence learned through this program is invaluable.


The Fighting vikings: Children’s tumor foundation

“Neurofibromatosis, it is a big word and looking at it is a bit overwhelming, hence NF. So, what is NF? NF is a neurological disorder that has a wide range of symptoms from cafe au lait spots, tumors, bone abnormalities, blindness, deafness, and learning disabilities, to name a few. When our 2 month old son was diagnosed with NF it felt like our world had stopped spinning. After we got passed the terror we dedicated our life to working with The Children’s Tumor Foundation to help raise funds and awareness about NF.”


kitsap Water Festival

In the spring for 25 years, approximately 1,200 third and fourth grade students from schools throughout Kitsap County join us at the Kitsap County Fairgrounds and Event Center for a day of fun and educational activities where we do just that. Our objective is to increase student and teacher awareness of water resources in Kitsap County, specifically how our actions affect water quality and quantity.”



Road safety starts with Kitsap Towing. One of the many employees that participated in AAA’s National Campaign to #dontdriveintexticated.


Kitsap Towing was honored as Employee of the Year from Vadis. Vadis has been providing services to people with disabilities since our founding in 1979. Vadis is dedicated to assisting businesses to recruit and retain employees with disabilities. Kitsap Towing has found this relationship to be invaluable to our business.


Kitsap Towing is an active supporter of towing legislation that keeps our industry safe. The Slow Down Move Over strengthening was signed in to law in 2019.


Supporting our communities youth, along with phenomenal coaches and programs, is one of Kitsap Towing’s favorite things to participate in.